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February 2018
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The Rest of My Year at the Movies

Jun 13

I have to say, I really love going to the movies, but this year for me has been a great big dud! I’ve only gone three times: Jane Eyre (lovely), Pirates of the Caribbean (Johhny Depp was hilarious, but the movie was just alright), and X-Men First Class (amazing- favorite comic book movie). While looking through the releases for the rest of the year, I still think there isn’t that much out there for me, but there are some that I am super excited about, and some where I might go, if I’m bored and feel like dropping twenty bucks plus snacks.


I’m So There!

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. II (July 15)


I’m actually a bit of a newbie when it comes to Harry Potter; I didn’t read all of the books until about four years ago, and didn’t watch any of the films until after that. I was surprised at how much I really got into the books, but I do like epics, and this definitely fits that genre. Without giving away the ending for all of you that haven’t read the book, bring tissues, because there is a lot of sad moment, more than Part I. Actually, one of my favorite character’s death is shown in the preview. If I tear up at the preview, I can’t imagine what I’m going to be like during the movie. So why go see it? A great tale of good versus evil must have some sadness. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting and what the good guys are fighting for wouldn’t seem nearly as significant. Will I see it opening night? You bet! Will I see it in 3D? No, I’m not really into the 3D thing for live action.


2. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. I (November 18)

I have had some mixed emotions about these films. Given that I fell in love with the story, I don’t think the movies are that great, but instead of spending hours rereading the book, I can watch the movies, and fix the mistakes in my head. Twilight was awful, Eclipse left out some crucial dialogue, but I was pleasantly surprised with New Moon. My biggest problem is Kristen Stewart, but I’m hoping after playing Bella for the fourth time now, she gets a better grasp on the character. I will say that this preview does have me excited again. Maybe now Stewart’s portrayal of Bella won’t be filled with such misery and all the Team Jacob people will be silenced- there is no Team Jacob! (Read the book if you don’t get what I’m saying). Anyhow, I’ve been trying to think of a good place to end part one, and it should be when Bella “wakes up.” Will I see it the opening night? You bet! Will I see it at midnight? No. School, work, and the commute make that impossible.


3. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (December 21)

I know that all three of my movie choices are from books. That’s because I’m an avid reader, and good books make good movies- sometimes. I am fully confident that this adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is going to be spot on. Daniel Craig and Christopher Plummer are great choices, and from what I can see in the preview, the setting is just how I imagined it in the book, especially the flashback to the day the mystery began. How much I like this movie depends upon the acting abilities of somewhat-newcomer Rooney Mara. All I’ve seen her in is The Social Network, but that role is completely different than that of Lisbeth Salander. I know I’m being picky, but even though the makeover is great, she’s not tiny enough, but heck, Taylor Lautner isn’t really what I pictured Jacob Black to look like either. They’ll probably just write that out of the movie. For those of you not knowing what the story is about, combine the edginess of the preview with a plot line that reminds me of Agatha Christie: an unsolved murder with an isolated island full of suspects. Now that so many of my favorite series are wrapping up, I’m glad to see that this trilogy is getting some attention. Will I see it opening night? I’m actually going to wait until Christmas night to see this one. Christmas at the movies is a tradition!


Haven’t Made Up My Mind Yet

1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (June 25)


My favorite cartoon as a child! While I really enjoyed the first film, I didn’t care for the second at all. I would like them to start introducing more of the original characters, sort of how the X-Men franchise always incorporates new characters into the plot line. This movie does have two things working in its favor: Megan Fox isn’t in it, and according to IMDB, Megatron is back. I think if I’m in the right mood I’ll see it, but I won’t be rushing out.


2. Captain America: The First Avenger (July 22)


I’m trying to see all the Avenger movies, but I didn’t see Thor, and this one may have to wait until it’s on my Netflix as well. I wish Hollywood would stop casting actors in superhero roles if they have already played a superhero. Chris Evans is the Human Torch, and now he’s Captain America? I don’t get it. However, the styling of this film may be the reason I see it. While movies like Thor and The Green Lantern (which I will not be seeing) have the standard superhero look, the World War II setting intrigues me, as did the the Cold War setting of X-Men First Class (Yes- X-Men set the standard high this year). It’s a definite maybe.


3. Cowboys and Aliens (July 29)


Yeah, not too sure about this one. I would have said heck no, but Daniel Craig is great, and I haven’t seen him make a bad choice yet. I did learn my lesson though. I thought Johnny Depp could do no wrong, and then I saw The Tourist. This may be the one that waits ’til Netflix. I think I’d have to be really bored.


4. The Three Musketeers (October 14)


Of all the movies on my maybe list, this is the one I think I am most likely to see. First, it’s in a release spot that isn’t near any of the others, and the cast! The Cast is phenomenal: Orlando Bloom, Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson), Christopher Waltz (Inglorious Bastards), Ray Stevenson (Rome), and Matthew Macfadyen (Pride and Prejudice). But then again, there’s Milla Jovovivich. It’s not that I think she’s a bad actress, but she makes really bad choices. Ultraviolet and The Fourth Kind come to mind. Given that she’s not the sole actor behind this film, and that I like the choices made by Macfadyen, Lerman is my new favorite, and nobody plays a villain like Waltz, I will more than likely pay the big bucks for this one.


5. Sherlock Holmes 2 (December 16)


I didn’t see the first Holmes film in the theaters, but I really enjoyed it when I saw it at home. I’d like to see a preview before I make up my mind. For me, Robert Downey Jr. can do no wrong recently, and I’m a long time Holmes fan. I would like them to pull from Conan Doyles original plots, however. Maybe we can make Christmas a double feature with this one.


Looking to 2012

Even though this year hasn’t been the greatest for movies, next year is looking amazing! Here’s what I’m really looking forward to:

Underworld 4 (January 20)

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (February 17) *For the husband

The Hunger Games (March 23) *More blogging about my favorite book to come!

Clash of the Titans 2 (March 30)

Marvel’s The Avengers (May 4)

Dark Shadows (May- TBD)

Snow White and the Huntsman (June 1)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (June 22)

The Amazing Spiderman (July 3)

The Dark Knight Rises (July 20)

Bond 23 (November 9)

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (December 14)

The Lone Ranger (December 21)

Superman the Man of Steel (TBA)

I’ve also heard various rumors about Max Brooke’s World War Z coming out next year, starring Brad Pitt. It’s been in talks for years, so hopefully we see some movement on it soon, or my husband will go nuts!

So what movies are you all looking forward to this year, or next? How often do you go? Has Netflix replaced your movie experience? Let me know!



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1 Comment to “The Rest of My Year at the Movies”

  1. I’m so there for the same 3!! I never finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo … need to get on that.

    Jun 13, 2011
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