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February 2018
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OOTD Week 6
Sep 23

#OOTD: Teacher’s Edition Week 6

Has it already been six weeks since the beginning of school? This weekend was a bit crazy, so last week’s outfits are a bit late.           Is it me, or is it starting to really feel like fall? I know yesterday was the first official day, but here in Southern California, […]

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This teacher posts her daily outfits every week, along with sources and shopping tips. #OOTD
Sep 15

#OOTD Teacher’s Edition: Week 5

This is the week I’d been looking forward to and dreading; the week I went back to school myself! Juggling work and studies in interior design is difficult, to say the least, so for the next few months, my Tuesday and Thursday outfits will be pulling double-duty as teacher and student wear. What does this […]

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OOTD Week 4
Sep 8

#OOTD Teacher’s Edition: Week 4

It’s been another busy week at The Corner. Having Labor Day off was a much needed little break. Now here’s a peek at my four looks from the short week:   It’s true that I rarely find anything at stores like H&M, and I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the clothes from stores like Forever […]

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#OOTD Teacher's Edition Week 3
Sep 1

#OOTD: Teacher’s Edition Week 3

It’s been another busy week here at The Corner. With school pictures, Back to School Night, new Teachers Pay Teachers products, and unseasonably muggy weather, the Labor Day weekend couldn’t have come quickly enough. Here’s a peak at my looks for the week:           Yes, I understand that my looks are […]

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Bin Makeover
Aug 31

My Classroom Library (The Real Fab Corner) Pt. I: The Makeover

Well, we’re well into another fabulous school year here at The Fab Corner! I’ve transitioned nicely into my new grade level, and am looking forward to working with my new kiddos for the next nine months. And what’s the heart of my classroom once again? As always, it’s my library.   Over the summer I […]

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OOTD Week 2
Aug 25

#OOTD: Teacher’s Edition Week 2

This year I’m attempting to wear as many different outfits as possible throughout the school year by using what I already have and mixing and matching as much as possible. (We’ll see if I can make it through the year!) My main challenge this week was the temperature; it was in the triple digits where […]

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OOTD Week 1
Aug 17

#OOTD: Teacher’s Edition Week 1

The first week back in the classroom is not only super busy, but it’s also the first time back in my teacher gear. When I started teaching I promised myself that I would never wear the traditional teacher outfit, (Turtlenecks and holiday sweatshirts anyone?) I’m making an attempt this year to try to make as […]

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Classroom Coupons
Aug 15

Keeping it Positive: Class Dojo and Coupons

The first week of school is just about over, and most of my students said the thing they are most excited about this year is Class Dojo! I am so excited to try out this behavior management tool for the first time, and even more excited that my students are liking it. Here is the […]

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Closeup details from my classroom decor
Aug 11

A New School Year!

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted! Being a full time teacher and part time interior design student doesn’t leave much time for blogging! I’ve been spending the majority of the last month getting ready for a new school year, and a new grade level. Here are some quick pics of my classroom […]

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