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February 2018
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My Classroom Library (The Real Fab Corner) Pt. I: The Makeover

Aug 31
Bin Makeover

Well, we’re well into another fabulous school year here at The Fab Corner! I’ve transitioned nicely into my new grade level, and am looking forward to working with my new kiddos for the next nine months. And what’s the heart of my classroom once again? As always, it’s my library.   Over the summer I decided to give my classroom a complete makeover.

My biggest project: spray painting my book bins and bookcases. I have a huge (and I mean huge) classroom library geared toward fifth and sixth graders, and the bins and cases were all mismatched colors, which was driving me bonkers. Once I had decided to go with the Sunny Skies theme from Schoolgirl Style (see more on my full classroom makeover here), I knew I either needed to buy all new bins (not going to happen) or paint the ones I currently had. So here’s a peak at how the transformation occurred.

Supplies Needed

1. Drop Cloth

2. Gloves

3. Spray Paint in desired colors

I highly recommend Rustoleum. It has primer and is much cheaper than Krylon Fusion. Buy more than you think you’ll need. Find it at The Home Depot.

4. Large, ventilated area

5. Mask


 How to spray paint plastic bins


Start with clean bins. Either wipe them down with a wet paper towel or rinse them under the sink. Remove all stickers as much as possible.

How to spray paint plastic book bins

Lay out plenty of drop cloth, and while wearing gloves and a mask, spray the bins from around 6″-10″ away. Once one side of your bins are done, let them sit for about an hour and move them to another area (if needed) and let dry overnight. Then flip the bins over, check for any missed spots, and spray the other side.  If you have enough paint on hand, the process should only take two days. If you’re like me, and grossly underestimate how much paint it would take, it may take longer. For 20 small bins and 6 large, it took me around six cans of two colors. I also spray painted three bookcases, which took four cans of white paint.

Important: When spray painting plastic, read the label. Make sure the paint you use will work. That’s why I like Rustoleum, but the label does say wait one week for paint to adhere to plastic. You will not be able to use your bins right away, so plan ahead!

The result:

How to spray paint plastic bins

Now all of my bins go with the rest of my room, as do the book bin labels from Schoolgirl Style’s Sunny Skies collection. And instead of white, brown, black and gray bookcases, I just have white, black, and gray, which I can live with.

Stay tuned for more articles on how I organize, manage, and afford such an amazing classroom library! 

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