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February 2018
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Mini Concepts: The Future of Motoring

Jun 22

I’m a huge Mini Cooper enthusiast. I currently own a customized Mini Cooper Clubman, yellow with black bonnet stripes (his name is Bumblebee). The reason I went for the Clubman was that it was just so different than the other cars I had seen on the road. I’m pleased to see that Mini is continuing to design vehicles that are outside of the box. Hopefully we’ll see a majority of these put into production so our daily commutes can be a little more interesting!


Planned for Production

Mini Coupe (To Be Released Fall 2011)


Blue Mini Cooper Coupe


The sporty Mini! This is the true mini of Mini since it will only seat two, but maintains the ample storage space of models such as the Clubman and Countryman. Very sleek, this model is a nod to the racing history of Mini Cooper. This drops October 1, and will be available in exclusive colors and materials.


Mini Roadster (Launch Date TBD)


White Mini Cooper Roadster


Think of the Coupe, but as a convertible! It has what is called a Nature Guard function that optimizes fuel efficiency by letting you know the ideal gas pedal position for maximum fuel economy, at any speed and any gear. Talk about a smart car! It also has Buddy Radar, letting the driver know where other Minis are on the road. You know we love to wave at one another!


Concepts in the Works

Mini Rocketman


Open door Mini Rocketman

mini cooper rocketman front view


Mini is optimizing space in close confines with hinged doors and a storage drawer in the boot. The all glass top also makes this mini Mini seem bigger. (I have a sun roof, and it definitely helps!) LED lighting in the interior also adds a bit of drama while saving the space that conventional bulbs would need. Why I like it? The doors remind me of a minivan in reverse and the Union Jack on the glass top is super cool.


Mini Paceman


Front View of the Mini Cooper Paceman Concept


This guy is super loaded: John Cooper Works 1.6 liter twin scroll turbocharged engine, 19″ wheels, and all wheel drive. I’m liking the tapered windows, which gives a curvier silhouette. Mini states it has the same masculine appearance of the Coupe, with the dimensions of the Countryman, calling it the “crossover-coupe.”


Mini Beachcomber


Mini Cooper Beachcomber Concept Sketch

Mini Beachcomber Concept Rear View Art


Let’s see, the top and doors can be taken off… watch out Jeep. Of course I don’t think this is meant for serious off-roading, but I can see myself heading down Pacific Coast Highway or an easy mountain trail in this all- wheel drive Mini.


Mini Scooter E


Mini Cooper Scooter


If my drive to work involved a short trip down the road, I would be all over this. I can’t decide which is my favorite. I’m loving the yellow and black because it reminds me of my Clubman, but the white has a Ben Sherman vibe, while the wood paneling on the green is very old school cool. Maybe if I switch careers and work way closer to home. One can dream!


Mini Airstream


Mini with Airstream


I’m having a hard time deciding which concept is my favorite, and this may be it! How Lucy and Desi meets 2011 is this? Of course they’ve won me over with the yellow and black styling with the mid-century modern furnishings. I can see one of these attached to my Clubman already! The interior is waterproof and with the sunbathing bed and neoprene accents, this is the water sports enthusiasts dream.


Mini Concept Tokyo


Mini Concept Tokyo

Mini Concept Tokyo Interior

Mini Concept Tokyo Window Box Tea Bar


This is a partly British, partly Japanese inspired design. Of course the colors are all Tokyo, and at first I thought, “What’s with the video game remote control top?” That is actually a storage area for a table and chairs, perfect for an on-the-go picnic. The interior Chesterfield leather seats are all British, while the window box stores all you need for afternoon tea. Those clever Brits at Mini!


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