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January 2018
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Me, My Mom, and a Little Uprising

Apr 15
The Shine Project


So this week I stumbled upon The Shine Project, which encourage us to step out of our comfort zone and bring hope and change to the world with weekly challenges. This week’s challenge was to pick a challenge that I hadn’t accomplished, which for me, was all of them. At first I thought I’d create something by baking for my coworkers, but then I realized that this week employee of the year nominations were under way, so maybe that would look a bit desperate, so the search continued.

As I continued looking through the challenge list, I found, “Quit Talking and Begin DOING,” which is all about accomplishing that goal that keeps getting put aside. My mind was made up.

Now I need to go back in time a bit. I come from a family of very musical people; my brother plays guitar, my mom played piano, and my dad can basically play anything with strings. I took up the guitar as a teenager, but never owned my own until four years ago. My mom bought me the most beautiful, glittery pink electric that I had ever seen. She was always my biggest supporter and knew I needed one of my own. That year was the first time I performed in public. It was at my school’s teacher talent show. I loved rocking out in front of all of my students. That day, however, was the last time I have really played my guitar until this week. Not shortly after that performance, my mom became sick; my guitar sat in the corner, gathering dust, as did all of my other interests.


My mom and I at my wedding

At the beginning of this school year, I made my students make personal goals for the year. Mine was to get back into playing my guitar. Shortly after the year started, this goal was once again put on the sidelines; my mom finally passed away in October. After a few months of picking up the pieces, my perspective on life had significantly changed. I needed to get my life back. Seeing the goal challenge this week reminded me of my guitar, and of my mom. My mom gave me that guitar to play, and I know that is what she would want me to do.

Now the big question was, what was I going to learn how to play? I knew immediately that it had to be a song by my favorite band-Muse. Oh gosh, what was I thinking? Do you know how complicated those songs are? And I knew there was only one song- the song- “Uprising.”

Muse in concert, Matthew Belamy

My First Muse Concert- Amazing!

I started by watching some YouTube videos of others playing the song. Soon I learned the intro (geez my fingers were burning), and quickly I picked up the verse and chorus, (yeah, the fingers were bleeding by then- literally). I’m still working on the solo- it’s insane! This song had been my nemesis for the last year. I always knew it was the one I wanted to learn, and in a night I had pretty much learned most of the song.

Daisy Rock Guitar
We Will Be Victorious!

I’ve still got a ways to go before the song sounds just right, and of course there’s that solo, but I promised my students that I would play it for them at the end of the year. Six more weeks- no pressure! I can do this, and my mom would be proud.




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4 Comment to “Me, My Mom, and a Little Uprising”

  1. Thx for sharing that very personal story, and yes, I’m sure she is proud.

    Apr 15, 2011
    • Thanks; glad you enjoyed it!

      Apr 18, 2011
  2. I am proud of you, I can’t wait to hear you play your song!! I never met your mom, but I know she would be so proud of her awesome daughter!!!

    Tara Cole
    Apr 18, 2011
    • Thanks Tara:)

      Apr 18, 2011
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