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February 2018
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I Shine Friday: Service Project

Apr 29

This week’s challenge over at The Shine Project was to start brainstorming ideas for a Shine Service Project. This is the challenge that I thought was going to take me the longest, but I was actually done by Monday evening, and I owe it all to a group of very special girls.

To start, I tried thinking of who I could get to work with me on this. I have a great circle of friends, but I know they are all incredibly busy. They are all super mommies, many of them with infants and toddlers, and some already do community work, such as Relay for Life. With summer vacation on the way, I didn’t want to have to ask my friends to give up their precious family time. I did have another option, however. I have kept in contact with a group of very special middle school girls. We chat every once in awhile, and many of them come and visit me after school while I’m at work to help out. Most of these girls are really into student leadership, and all are excellent students. I know one of them even started a charity for a sick child a few years ago. To get things started, I sent them messages on Facebook. That night my in-box lit up! They were so excited at the chance to help the community and spend some time together. So far, I have eight fabulous teenagers willing to give up some of their time. Thank you Kess, Kayla, Victoria, Ashley, Sarah, Kathia, Summer, and Madi; you are all amazing!

Then I started thinking about what we could do. Since we are all so busy, I thought it would be best if we kept it to no more than four projects a year, perhaps one a season. This summer we are going to schedule a beach cleanup through Save Our Beach, a nonprofit organization in California committed to keeping our beaches beautiful. We’re still figuring out a date, but we are all really excited. As for other ideas, I was thinking Thanksgiving baskets for the Salavation Army and making stuffed animal Christmas presents for a local children’s hospital. I’m sure once we start talking more, the girls will have plenty of ideas as well.

Oh yeah, they are also excited about the Shine t-shirts and necklaces! We will proudly wear them during our beach cleanup!

If you are interested in helping this summer with The Fab Corner’s Shine Project beach cleanup, shoot me an email through the contact page, and I will fill you in on the dateonce everything is set!




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  1. Can’t wait!:]

    May 3, 2011
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