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I'm an ultra busy wife, teacher, doggy mom, interior design student, and aspiring domestic goddess just trying to make life as fabulous as possible.


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February 2018
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Grand Marnier Infused French Toast
Jul 14

Weekend Brunch: Grand Marnier Infused Creme Brûlée French Toast

Greetings! It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to get on here! Last school year was one for the books, and design school has been hectic. Oh yeah! I finally finished getting my single subject credential in English and accepted a new position as a teacher-on-assignment doing curriculum support in ELA much closer […]

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OOTD Week 1
Aug 17

#OOTD: Teacher’s Edition Week 1

The first week back in the classroom is not only super busy, but it’s also the first time back in my teacher gear. When I started teaching I promised myself that I would never wear the traditional teacher outfit, (Turtlenecks and holiday sweatshirts anyone?) I’m making an attempt this year to try to make as […]

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Jun 22

Mini Concepts: The Future of Motoring

I’m a huge Mini Cooper enthusiast. I currently own a customized Mini Cooper Clubman, yellow with black bonnet stripes (his name is Bumblebee). The reason I went for the Clubman was that it was just so different than the other cars I had seen on the road. I’m pleased to see that Mini is continuing […]

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Jun 13

The Rest of My Year at the Movies

I have to say, I really love going to the movies, but this year for me has been a great big dud! I’ve only gone three times: Jane Eyre (lovely), Pirates of the Caribbean (Johhny Depp was hilarious, but the movie was just alright), and X-Men First Class (amazing- favorite comic book movie). While looking […]

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May 11

Semi Wordless Wednesday: I Need to Do Something With My Hair!

    I know I’ve been talking a lot lately about how summer is coming up. It’s because summer is a time for me to relax and really get some things done that I normally don’t have time to do. This year I really want to learn to do some new things with my hair. […]

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"read" folded into pages of a book
May 8

Miscellany Monday: Summer Reading

(Via)   To me, nothing says summer more than waking up, having a tea and scone, and grabbing a great book. Now that my summer vacation is only three little weeks away, I’ve decided to put together a list of my must reads (and re-reads) of the summer. I like to mix it up: classics, […]

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yellow outfit spring 2011 anthropologie
May 6

Fashion Friday: Hello Sunshine!

  Well, I do believe Mother Nature has decided for the sun to stay out here in Southern California. These summer looks from Anthropologie, my absolute favorite store, have me thinking about the pool, the beach, girl time, and family vacations. I hope you are all planning so fabulous summer time activities as well!   […]

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May 5

Pink and Green Thursday: Things I Love!

    This week has been all about setting into motion some important changes in my life, as well as finding inspiration for the future. Today I’m linking up for Pink and Green Thursday to bring to you some of my favorite, beautiful, inspiring images.   Interiors (Via) (Via) (Via) (Via) (Via) (Via)   Fashion […]

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Apr 29

I Shine Friday: Service Project

This week’s challenge over at The Shine Project was to start brainstorming ideas for a Shine Service Project. This is the challenge that I thought was going to take me the longest, but I was actually done by Monday evening, and I owe it all to a group of very special girls. To start, I […]

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Apr 29

Fashion Friday: Wedding Couture

    So I heard there was a big wedding today! I’m linking up with the fabulous Kori over at Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday to show you my favorite wedding fashion moments. (Note- I couldn’t get myself to post Brad and Jen’s picture; I’m still not over it).   (Via) (Via) (Via) (Via) (Via) […]

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