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February 2018
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Building Your Perfect Wardrobe, Part I: Your Style Personality

Mar 31
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Building your perfect wardrobe can be a challenging task, especially with the overload of styles, trends and shops. Determining your “Style Personality” should get you started in the right direction. Your fashion should say something about you: are you rocker-chic, old-fashioned and romantic, on-the-go and casual, sophisticated and classic, an earth-loving bohemian, or do you set the trends? Not sure? Take our fab quiz using the link below. True, you can mix styles (I know I do), but knowing your main inspirations gives you a starting point and will help you focus in on what your wardrobe staples will be. Soon you’ll be on your way to wardrobe bliss!

Once you have determined your style personality, use these tips to help you get started with evaluating what you already have and shop for what you need.


The GAP, Sneakers, Jeans, Blazer, How to Dress Casual

You love simple, comfortable clothes that require little work. You’re always on the go and need an easy wardrobe full of pieces that you can mix and match. Try adding interesting accessories to keep your look fresh. The GAP is perfect for stocking up on casual staples.



Trendy, Stylish, How to Dress Trendy, Bebe

You aren’t afraid to try new things and be a risk taker. You love looking through the current fashion magazines and have the most current trends in your closet. The key is to not have trend overload. Pair trendy pieces with classics for a put together, modern look. Try shopping at Bebe.



Romantic Style, Dressing Romantically, Anthropologie, Feminine Dress, Modern Victoria Dressn

You love elegant and romantic tops and dresses with subtle hints of femininity, like lace, ruffles and flowers. Opt for soft, graceful fabrics in muted colors. To keep things interesting, and to avoid Victorian overload, try mixing in some menswear pieces, such as wide-legged trousers and vests. You’ll love Anthropologie.



Little Black Dress, Trench Coat, Sophisticated Style, Audrey Hepburn

You love smart, timeless pieces in sophisticated, elegant lines. You will normally wear classic colors (white, black, navy) and chic silhouettes (shift dresses, trench coat, fitted blouses, pencil skirts).To keep the look up-to-date, add in a splash of color or some interesting embellishments. Try shopping at White House, Black Market.



How to Dress Bohemian, Urban Outfitter, Dressing in Layers, Gladiator Sandals

You love loose, free-flowing tops and skirts. For you, natural fibers are a must, especially those with earthy tones and organic patterns. Look for mix and match pieces and vintage finds for an eclectic look; just make sure those vintage finds are in top notch condition. Try shopping at Urban Outfitters.

Rocker Chic


Rocker Style, Dressing Like a Rock Star, Metropark, Rocker Couture

You love glam, leather and rebellious punk elements. You’ll choose bold colors (fuschia, black, silver) and aren’t afraid to make a statement. Try adding in other pieces to create your own rock-meets-couture style. Try shopping at Metropark.

Still not sure what you need? Stay tuned for Building Your Perfect Wardrobe, Part II: Splurging on Wardrobe Essentials.

What's Your Style Personality?

What’s Your Style Personality?

Take the Style Quiz Now!

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2 Comment to “Building Your Perfect Wardrobe, Part I: Your Style Personality”

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    Apr 19, 2011
    • Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the post:)

      Apr 19, 2011
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