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February 2018
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A New School Year!

Aug 11
Closeup details from my classroom decor

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted! Being a full time teacher and part time interior design student doesn’t leave much time for blogging! I’ve been spending the majority of the last month getting ready for a new school year, and a new grade level. Here are some quick pics of my classroom decor and a bit of organization. I can’t say enough how amazing the collections from Schoolgirl Style are; I’m obsessed! Here I’ve used the Sunny Skies collection. I also just love, love love her book! If your haven’t checked out this amazing resource, head on over to Schoolgirl Style!


 Don’t forget about your front door if you’re in an indoor school! And I’m so excited to use my new objectives board (more on this in a future post)! I can’t hang anything from my ceilings, so I attached my poms to the walls; they really make a difference in the look of the room.

Classroom Collage

At the top of my back bulletins, I’m going to hang my students’ self portraits that they paint on the first week of school. And don’t you just love the library book bins? It’s amazing what a little bit of spray paint can do. (Okay, well, it was actually a lot of spray paint! More on this in my next post.) My No Excuses board is for students who turn in all of their work on time for the month. Students’ numbers are taken down if an assignment isn’t turned in, and at the end of the month, the remaining students plan a special treat for themselves.

My Space Collage

All teachers know how important it is to have our own space. Mine includes my desk and back counter, where I’ve kept it pretty simple, but still keeping with the theme of my classroom. Oh, and yes, that is a TARDIS! I’m a big Doctor Who geek.

The rest of my class is pretty much the same, but a bit bare at the moment. As soon as I have work up, I’ll have more posts of the decor. A room really isn’t a room until it has my students’ amazing work displayed.

Looking to recreate something like this in your own classroom? Like I said, Schoolgirl Style is where it’s at! GET HER BOOK! As for my resources, those are below. Happy decorating and happy Back to School!

Classroom Theme Editables: Sunny Skies by Schoolgirl Style

Poms: Available at Schoolgirl Style, a variety of Etsy shops, or homemade (mine were baby shower leftovers)

Borders: Chevrons by Creative Teaching Press, Polka Dots by Teacher Created Resources, Bordette in White, Yellow, and Azure

Fadeless: Pacon teal and gray

Teacher Toolbox- Home Depot, labels from Schoolgirl Style in Sunny Skies

Area Rug- Threshold by Target (It was still there last time I checked, but hurry, it was almost sold out)

Chevron desk organizer and Gray desk frames: Michael’s

Chevron magnet board by my desk: Hobby Lobby


This post’s clipart provided by Erin Bradley Designs. Copyright Erin Bradley Designs


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2 Comment to “A New School Year!”

  1. I love your room! I also purchased the sunny skies decor pack, but used a light sky blue. I love this pack so much, I know I’ll want to use it next year too!! Where did you get the gray bulletin board paper? It is so pretty. Haha, I am already planning for the next school year before this one has even started!

    Aug 28, 2013
  2. Lisa- isn’t this pack fabulous! I found the gray Pacon fadeless paper at my local C and M School Supply shop. I haven’t seen it online. Thanks for reading!

    Aug 29, 2013
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